Saturday, August 21, 2010

The conversion process...big boy bed!

Who would think changing our sons bed from a crib to a big boy bed would be so difficult?

Choosing our sons furniture was a task in itself. What to buy? Something that converts? What color and design?! I fell in love with a French brand, Morigeau Lepine. They are known for their timeless design and durability. I figured to invest in furniture I wanted something that would stand up and last into our son's teen years. We picked a great modern design in a dark wood finish. It looks amazing.

A few months ago our son figured out how to hop out of the crib and we were doomed. Time to ourselves vanished and our son was soon spending the night in our room. It was time to think about his big boy bed and new room design.

Word of advice - get any conversion kits when buying furniture. We decided to wait. Why spend the extra money before we need to? Morigeau along with several other top childrens funiture manufactures went under so not only finding the kit, but the price increased. We were fortunate to get our furniture from Karl's Kids Furniture on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia. They were so helpful throughout the whole process.

Then came getting the kit home and new mattress. All of these processes without an SUV and with baby were quite a challenge. I eventually went over to pick up the mattress and sweet talked a man with a truck to bring it home for me?! Then the process of picking sheets, blankets, etc. Color, design?

So many decisons to make as these children get older. How do you keep them in their room? When is the right time to convert or move them to a bigger bed? Thoughts? Advice?

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