Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cleaning products you will be happy to display on your sink?!

You use eco products in your home, but why are you still using sponges that use unnatural products to clean. Introducing - Twist. Not only are Twist products eco-friendly and biodegradable but you can compost them. All around great. They are traditional and modern stylish kitchen accessories.

The Loofah Sponge is similar to your traditional sponge. It’s unbleached and undyed and has two textures for overall cleaning. If you prefer to use sponges and scrubbers separately, check out Twist’s Naked Sponges and their Sponge Blossoms. With an extensive collection there is something for every preference.

Check out their website: but to see them in person look at your local Whole Foods. The simple human sink catty is an adorable addition too. Thanks to - "In The Know Mom" for the great tip and picture!

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