Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another reason to LOVE Ben and Jerry's

I have always had a strong love affair with Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. What's not to love? Well now the health nut in me can rejoice...a healthier option of frozen perfection.

Top 10 Reasons I ADORE Ben and Jerry's

10. Amazing ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet
9. FREE Cone Day April 3rd
8. Factory in Stove Vermont with tours, free samples and amazing events~! Nothing quite like a B & J's festival!
7. Sources the finest ingredients
6. Creates social awareness and jobs all over the world
5. Phish Food
4. Three pints a day for employees (a bit excessive - but hey!)
3. Free Cherry Garcia Cart met us in Tel Aviv while attending a Laser Grateful Dead show
2. Great story of how it all began
1. Greek frozen yogurt makes me so happy! Twice the protein and 1/2 the fat! Just the right bit of tanginess:)

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