Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Are 2 really 6 x harder?

As I count down the weeks to birth of our second son I hear so many different things and have so many questions about the future.

If I exercise up until the end like I did with Skyler will everything go as smoothly?

Can I make all the changes I want to Skyler's schedule before the new baby arrives?

Will it be easier to learn from my mistakes and get the baby on a more rigid schedule?

Are two children really six times harder?

I feel like there is so much to do before the arrival of #2 - everyone is telling me to rest. I want to keep active and do as much as possible because who knows what I'll be able to get done when the new baby arrives. I am certainly listening to my body. Last night it said to go to bed early. I did. I would love to get together with friends and go out a bit now that the weather is getting nice. I realize the evenings are most difficult so I try getting out as much as possible during the day. We will see. I read some interesting articles last night about the secrets successful mom's use. I thought I would share some of them (although some seemed rather ridiculous):

-Make weekly menus - and shopping lists so you have everything you need in one shot!
-Used shared online calendar - we do this and it is so helpful. Cozi is a great resource although outlook works too!
-If you work, do errands on your lunch hour
-Put your kids to bed earlier - they often even sleep later!
-Make lists! This way you are always feeling productive and never forgetting what needs to be done. It always feels good crossing things off too!
-Wake up before the kids - it is some productive time and also great to get a shower in
-Teach your kids to help where they can
-Speed things up with music - high energy music gets the kids moving!

And the best one yet mentions kids like things simple: food, spending time together and just having a good time can be as simple as laughing. Sometimes we just need to let go of trying to make everything perfect and just do the best we can:)

So my question to you? Are 2 really 6 X harder? what are your secrets to making things work?


  1. Melinda - Congratulations!!! Having two is an amazing adventure! I definitely agree with getting up early and taking a shower before the kids are up. Let Skyler help with the new baby. Buy a step stool that he can use to "help" with changing time, look into the crib, etc. When I am nursing Ellie and putting her to bed at night, Anna stands on a stool to look out the window right next to the rocker in the nursery. She feels close to Ellie and me, but is also excited to tell me about what she sees outside. Either that or she sits next to us on the floor and looks through books, or we sing songs. It's my favorite part of the day - all three of us together.

  2. getting up early is absolutely essential! i love that time in the morning (during the work week) to make coffee, check my email and other silly internet sites, in sacred silence!
    also get a double stroller! it's great to have the option to buckle them in and go for a mind-freeing walk!