Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bye bye puffy eyes...

To say this week has been exhausting is an understatement. Liam, my three month old has been eating every two to three hrs at night. I am pretty sure I need to start introducing a little formula in the evenings to fill him up. The past two nights I have filled the bottle to give it a shot, but I have hesitated putting the bottle into the fridge as if I am going to use it later. Why do I hesitate?! I allowed Skyler to have formula and look how great he turned out. It is not as though I have never given him formula...just not often. Since when do I have this type A personality that I need to be in control?! Any advice would be greatly appreciated...

Anyway - back to the topic at point. I'm exhausted...trying to do my hair to mask the tired appearance. A little makeup helps too. But the new Clinique all about eyes serum I recently was introduced to puts a smile on my face. The cool application of the roll on applicator gives me the confidence I need to make it out the door - ready to tackle another day.

They have samples at Sephora...I definitely recommend checking it out

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  1. formula is your friend :) both of my kids are amazing and had formula for most of their whole first year. just do least before bed.