Monday, September 26, 2011

Working out...anywhere?!

Make Yourself
You are in charge
It is entirely up to you
Make your body
Make your life
Make yourself

You are juggling a child, or two (or even more?!) and getting to the gym or taking a class just might not be possible. Anxious to get back in shape and feel good I went searching for options to get a great workout in just about anywhere. Mission accomplished in finding the Nike Training app on my ipad. Yesterday my son, Skyler and I had a great workout in the apartment while the little one was napping. This particular workout was fine with a yoga mat and light weights. It was a lot of fun too. They show you demos of the exercises and time the increments for you. You can choose your fitness goals and design a workout to accomplish the results you are looking for. Interruptions are no problem and you can pause at at any time and continue later. You can add your own music or choose from all different genres of music. I think you can also document results too. Keep you posted as to what I find. It really is a great solution to get your butt in gear and was fantastic. Can't wait to check it out today. Really no excuse to get a workout in...any time of day. Now you just need the energy...

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