Thursday, November 4, 2010

How could being proactive change your life?

I apologize for the delay between posts - life got in the way. But I am up early this morning with renewed vigor. I have been making some positive (proactive) changes to my daily routine and I had been trying to find the perfect time to write and in doing so the day got in the way. I am committed to giving you my early morning hour - to share ideas, advice, recipes and love! I have been enjoying all the positive feedback I have received from friends and readers and look forward to keeping this a place to share the latest and greatest on health, nutrition, environment and family. Keep the feedback coming!

So what have I been proactive about?

Finding time to take care of myself. When my son Skyler was born almost 2 1/2 yrs ago I was on my way to the gym. I took such good care of myself: studying nutrition, daily workouts, pampering. And then...poof! What happened took over. All the sudden I was taking care of my son and husband and everything else seemed to take the back burner. Not in a negative way. But I stopped making a priority the things that let me unwind and feel good. Most importantly my workouts. I found it hard to find places I could workout with Skyler and a serious lack of childcare at fitness facilities in the City. Now - Skyler and I take a yoga class on Monday's (kids can participate or play on the side - thank you, Iva!), mid week Skyler has started preschool and the first thing I do is head to the gym when I drop him off. It gets my workout in and out of the way! Even if I feel like I have a ton of other tings to do I can always fit in 30 minutes. I have also set up a solution at home. Skyler and I have yoga mats to stretch on and some equipment to fit in a quick stretch, yoga class or core strength exercises.

Taking care of yourself goes beyond just exercise. Taking care of your appearance can also make you feel your best. For me that means manicures/pedicures. I have arranged a mommies and manicures event at my favorite salon (POSH in Northern Liberties) to get together with friends and get pampered. To often we don't take the time to do these things, but a little bit goes a long way. This way not only do we have great company, but also a few extra hands to take care of the kids. BE CAREFUL - I have picked this salon very carefully. They are impeccable about cleanliness and it is a new open space. There is no toxic smell and good ventilation. This point also comes to getting hair, waxing, whatever you like to do to make you feel your best!

How can you be your best if you do not take care of you?

Other things I have been proactive about - getting Skyler into preschool! He started his first few days last week and is doing great! He loves being surrounded by children his age and is thriving.

Working! I have partnered with the Nouveau Image and we are developing a new niche within the business to do more family friendly marketing and will be developing a lot of new events in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Keep posted!

How can being proactive change your life?

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