Monday, January 2, 2012

2012...New Year, Even better You!

I love the start of a New Year...many of us are optimistic about making positive changes. Being healthier, losing weight, getting more exercise, loving more, making more money...I have heard them all. Any excuse to make changes for the better sounds positive to me. I have another goal this year too. I am hoping to make myself aware of 365 ways to live a happier, healthier and greener life. I hope you'll join me on the adventure. I may not update the blog every day, but you can check my posts for updates on what I have documented for each day of the year.

January 1st - Each day do something to declutter and organize my life and home

January 2nd - Keep in better contact with friends and family

January 3rd - Only throw clothes in hamper if they are actually dirty, cut down on unnecessary laundry

January 4th - Drink more water

January 5th - Juice often

January 6th - Exercise at least 5 days a week

January 7th - Spend more quality time with my husband

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