Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Years Res - what?!

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Now that we are into our second week of the year are you still keeping focused on positive changes for the new year? The average time people keep resolutions for is about two weeks. Did you know it takes six weeks to keep at something new? It is never too late to start making positive changes! Don't put off to tomorrow what will make you feel better today.

I truly believe we know what to do...the problem is seeing it through.

Think about it - if you manage to go to the gym regularly for six weeks, your body gets use to the routine...you may actually even feel guilty if you miss a workout. You body starts to look forward to the activity. If you need motivation to keep you on track - do whatever it takes to reach the 45-50 day mark.

Two things that keep me going when it comes to exercise:
1. I tell myself that if I do not feel up to it after 10 minutes I can stop. Usually after getting the body moving you will feel good and not want to stop. If I am sluggish and not feeling it for the day, that fine. At least I tried. Ten minutes is better than nothing!
2. No reward if I do not exercise. For me, that is usually a glass of wine. If I cannot find the time to exercise I certainly do not need wine. Sometimes this can be motivation enough...

Write down your resolutions. Think about what you accomplished this year. Take time to set goals that are attainable and will make you feel accomplished. What is important to you? By writing down or sharing your resolutions you are holding yourself accountable and more inclined to keep them too.

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