Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Being Mindful...

I thought of this as I was driving my toddler to school this morning. How often are we mindful about what we are doing. Do we go through the motions and even realize our actions?! For instance - this morning I grabbed a banana before I left the house. I knew I had a full morning and probably would not think to eat. I wanted to have something to keep me from eating something bad or being ravenous. Well - in the middle of driving, dropping off my son, saying good bye to my husband and heading to a meeting I inhaled that banana. Do I know what it even tasted like? Was it ripe, tasty? Before I even realized what I was doing half of it was gone. And then - I just finished it.

Take the time to relax, enjoy everything you do. By eating that banana in the manner I did - not only did I not enjoy it, I barely even knew I ate anything. If I would have slowed down and enjoyed it not only would I feel more satiated, but I would have certainly appreciated it much more. Think about this with everything you do. Eat more mindfully, spend time with those you love and be present. Be aware of your surroundings and everything you do - because if you don't life will surely pass you by!

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