Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Better than coffee?!

Ok - you may laugh at this. But mark my words...This morning after my green smoothie I swear I felt a jolt of healthy, natural energy like no other! So many people are not aware of the benefits of cilantro.

1.Makes the skin healthy and glowing.
Healthy skin is the reflection of a healthy body. Digestion and assimilation of healthy things such as cilantro makes the skin look beautiful and glowing. Research shows that cilantro helps in fighting with skin cancer.

2.Aids in weight loss.
Regular intake of cilantro helps in weight loss especially reducing the accumulated fat around the belly. A hormone named Limonene plays the most important role in getting rid of belly fat. Cilantro is a major source of limonene to the body. Limonene present in cilantro prevents the absorption of saturated fats into the stomach. It is these saturated fats that cause the bulge round the belly of the stomach. Cilantro helps to prevent bloating of the belly in just 24 hours from the time it is used.

3.Provides protection from germs
Cilantro contains good quantities of an alcohol known as borneol. This alcohol is quite efficient in destroying viruses and germs that usually cause colds. It also helps the body to fight against other bacteria like salmonella and E. coli and thus improves the resistance of the body towards diseases. Cilantro also greatly increases our ability to clear up recurring infections, both viral and bacterial especially when eaten with omega-3 enriched foods such as nuts.

4.Beneficial to the heart.
Regular intake of cilantro helps to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases good cholesterol (HDL). Both these acts of cilantro help to maintain the health of the heart.

5.Provides essential nutrients to the body.
Cilantro is an excellent source of antioxidants like phytonutrients and flavonoids, minerals like iron and magnesium and dietary fiber. Regular intake of all these nutrients provides the body with the much needed nutrients.

6.Anti-inflammatory in nature.
Cilantro is anti-inflammatory in nature and helps to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis

7.Protects against urinary tract infections

8.Prevents nausea

Cilantro is a family member of the carrot family and is great as an edible garnish. It can help rid the body of toxins too. From decreasing mercury and aluminum levels to cleasing blood.

Did you have any idea cilantro was such a powerhouse nutrient?

Stay tuned for my favorite Cilantro recipes!

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