Friday, September 17, 2010

Eating Mindfully

As I have gotten older (and of course wiser) I have taken a new approach to eating. I have the knowledge to know what foods are both good and bad for me. I know that not one diet or eating plan will work for everyone and finding what works best for you can be a process. Too many people have a love/hate relationship with food which is not healthy. We need to eat to live not necessarily live to eat. Proper nutrition gives us the building blocks to grow and function throughout the day.

Mindful eating (also called intuitive eating) uses our internal cues for hunger, appetite and satiety to guide us in eating. As infants, we naturally follow these cue, but as outside influences take over we often times sway from these natural habits.

Mindful eating is positive. It's part of living well, leading a healthy lifestyle and accepting the diversity of size of bodies in their healthy states.

Mindful eating uses our bodies' cues to guide us in when, what and how much to eat for satisfaction and well-being. By listening to your body, focusing on the foods you crave and savoring the taste most often you will eat less and enjoy your food more. Afterall if you body craves something it often needs the nutrients.

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