Monday, September 20, 2010

My latest, greatest finds...

Always a fan of fashion - I remember moving to New York City and going crazy over all the fabulous shopping! At the time it seemed my job was to pay rent, go shopping and go out. I may not have taken seriously finding great designer deals. I saw something I loved and I figured out how to get it. These days...things are quite different. I LOVE scoping out and finding great deals. I have a little more time on my hands and with the economy the way it is who can afford to not make their money stretch as fas as possible. Also becoming a mother I find myself buying things for my son, or husband definitely before buying for myself!

Last week I ran into Daffy's on Chestnut Street. It is not a store I frequent, But I had noticed they have great European Brands for children. Skyler is due for a new pair of sneakers and I love their selection. Not only did I find him amazing sneakers at a fraction of what they normally cost, they had some great toys too. A large selection of Melissa and Doug, great children's kitchen set, race cars, puzzles, etc.

On my way out I decided to just sweep thru the women's shoes. I knew I was pressing my luck and was on borrowed time, but I found the most amazing European OTK boots (at the right price too!~). Very successful trip! The fall and winter are upon us and I know my haviana's just won't take me thru it!

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