Monday, September 13, 2010

Who doesn't need a little vacation?

We are back - from what was a well needed vacation. My husband and I took a few days to relax with friends in The Hamptons for Labor Day while our son Skyler recharged at the beach with Gigi and G-pa. Afterwards we reconnected and continued our vacation together...and then mommy took some time to herself too.

Some alone and special family time together was incredible - visiting a vinyard, relaxing, playing tennis, swimming, grilling! Thank you Amy and David for the most beautiful surroundings and the greatest of friends. Then I jet off to New York City for a few days of "work" helping run and produce a variety of fashion shows and presentations for the Spring 2011 Collections. Being out of my element I love going back to New York to recharge. Everyone else calls it work and I call it my "mommy vacation."

The boys had the most amazing time together. The most time they had ever spend together without mommy. They did everything from swimming, to the petting zoo, car show, amusement park, and Central Park.

It is so wonderful now to be home. So I am back - ready to get back to providing you with the lastest and greatest of all things healthy, green and family.

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